3. Jenny

  4. An early version of Randy.  I felt like he was getting a little too creepy and decided to push him towards a younger and more iconic appeal.  The sketch on the right is experimenting with his hairline creating a framing shape (like the ones on old b/w cartoon characters!) 

  5. The Professor

    PhD in Adventure, Retired

  6. Garff Axelrod

    Undercover Family Man, Rebellious Cyber-Cop

  7. ???

  8. 90s90s90s:


    Time for a new breed of Blockbusters…

    (Source: morefunthanb4, via thejoetoknow)

  9. Resist the Reboot!  Follow the Blockbusters at theblockbusters.tumblr.com


    Goto Ten

    Tag-Along Boy Genius

  10. Goto Ten

    Tag-Along Boy Genius